Sunday, May 6, 2012


Prom.. what to say about prom? hmm... prom... prom... prom...

Meh, nothing to say about prom. I'm a guy. Prom is for the girls.

It's like a wedding. Girls dream about it all their lives, whereas guys are there just to make it happen.

Mysteriously Unknown

Twenty years ago there was a man who was... a little crazy to say the least.
He felt as if he had no direction in life.
It was all just a routine to him.
Wake up at 5:27.. take a wizz at 5:29.. hop in the shower at 5:30.. fruit loops at 5:40.. get ready for work at 5:50.. leave at 6:00
Same routine every day.. Same clothes, black tie with a light blue shirt and a comb-over, every day..
He knew he had to get out of this rut. But how?
One day he saw something.. a face.. that would change his life forever..

Will he find out why this specific person stood out more than any other person he sees daily?
When will he figure out what his destiny on this earth is?
Is this person even real, or simply a figure of his imagination?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Drama free haiku

Such an amazing beautiful girl
A girl who is my best friend
Wouldn't that be perfect?

Drama through the art of eavesdropping

"Those batteries were sittin right here, do you know where they are? ... Right here.
K now it should work extra good
Oh ya look at that!
Or not... Piece of crap".

Sunday, April 22, 2012


5 syllables...

15 letters...

A whole load of trouble...

A Twisted Fate, War time?

Historians collect accounts live

The German army began World War II.
"I've visited to find names of people, but they were burned by Germans".
The annual remembrance in Poland took special meaning to historians to collect the testimonies of one survivor in Israel according to holocaust survivors today.
Teams of historians collect artifacts, racing against the clock to establish an Israeli government.
Video testimonies amassed millions of Nazis' genocide of Jews, approved permanently.
Pointing to leaders of the past, to implement Irans nuclear program for an atomic bomb.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boring Days

What do you do on boring days? I hate those days...

You sit there and your just... bored. All day.

I try to go do stuff, but I end up getting bored of that, so then I just go back to what I was doing before.

You sit there and your just... bored. All day.

I get bored pretty easily. I have to be doing something, unless I'm super tired. So...

You sit there and your just... bored. All day.